The ambassador of Republic of Ireland, Mrs. Olive Hempenstall, will join us at this year’s DORF gran finale, together with Neda Frank, Louder than Guns movie producer. Sinisa Labrovic will award the best film award. Join us tonight, `in Lapidar in city centre.

Starting at 20:30, we will be watching a short film about the cult Dublin barbershop, shown at numerous festivals.

After that, we are watching the premiere of yje short film “Hannah Williams in Tokyo”, about a series of British singers ‘soul singers’ concerts.

Finally, we will see an excellent documentary about the role of music in the Homeland War “Louder than Guns,” by author Miroslav Sikavica. The film will be presented by Neda Frank from production team.

Next comes the proclamation of the best 12.DORF film in regional competition, which will be announced by Siniša Labrović, a member of this year’s jury.

See you from 20:30 onward.