photographer, curator, and founder and art director of the International Organ Vida Festival Organ Vida Photographic Organization.
She completed her graduate studies at the ADU in Zagreb and graduated in Graphic Design at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb.
He is a member of the Croatian Society of Independent Artists. Paulenka is an international nominee, member of jury, educator and portfolio reviewer at numerous institutions and festivals (PLAT (T) FORM Foomuseum Wintethur, Joop Swart Masterclass, Les Rencontres d’Arles, FORMAT Festival, Triennial Hamburg …). In his dual role as a photographer and festival director he had the opportunity and the pleasure to work on numerous exhibitions, to meet artists and to participate in numerous international discussions and conferences on current events in contemporary photography in the world. a special award at the 48th Cannes Film Festival. His latest documentary, Later than the Weapons (2017), was named the best film in last year’s regional DORF competition, becoming the president of this year’s jury.