2019 – 7.th Classical film nights


Another summer in the favorite Lapidarium, in a genius ambience, in the center, and again so different. Documentaries, film quizzes, lectures, film workshops, our little oasis. I use the opportunity to thank the former Director of the City Museum Vinkovci Danijela Petković for cooperation and support all this year, and I look forward to continuing with the new director – Hrvoje Vulić, thanking all the other employees of the City Museum. We continue to get even stronger, the biggest news is that we have established a prize called by Stojan Dimitrijevic, a great filmmaker, a top intellectual, who has borne not only Vinkovci culture. The first winner is the great Goran Dević, author of brilliant documentaries and former student archeology, we are sure that Mr. Dimitrijević will have recorded the highest ratings for Goran’s films. We are presenting premiere at home and film by Vinkovački author, Darko Puharić with prof.Durman filmed a short film about Vučedol and Orion, do not miss seeing this award winning work on interesting topic in Lapidarium. Finally, be sure to come to the quiz of the genius Marija Kovača, even if you do not participate … We’ll see you in our Lapidarium !!

Toni Šarić, president of the Association of RARE movie lovers


19.8. (monday)

18:00 FILM WORKSHOP The basics of the film, the first day

Sign up and spend time in our traditional afternoon movie workshops, learn the basics of shooting and mounting, get to know the creative process of creating simple movie materials. Intensive, two-day film workshops at Lapidarium GMV are intended for beginners, and the number is limited to 10 attendees – register at filmfestivaldorf@gmail.com.

The director is Darko Bušnja, director and editor of Vinkovci.


The novelty at the 7th Ancient Film Evenings is a prize called the late Vinkovci intellectual and archeologist prof.dr. Stojan Dimitrijevic, otherwise a great film. The first winner of the award for film and archeology contribution “Stojan Dimitrijević” is the Croatian author of documentary films Goran Dević, Sisak.

He studied archeology and law. In 2008 he graduated film and TV directing at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, where he is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Graduate Study of Documentary Film Direction. He is the author of documentary films (“Imported Vranes”, “I Do not Have What You Say” Nice “,” Happy Land “,” Flood “,” Two Stoves for the Counterpart of Josip Trojka “,” Buffet Ironworks “,” On behalf of the Republic of Croatia ” The “Blacks” (2009), which he co-wrote with Zvonimir Juric and for which he was awarded the Golden Arena for his directing, his first feature feature film.

The award was made by Miro Župa, sculptor and comic author from Split.


A: Goran Dević (Croatia)

Q: Fifteen Art, 2017

The film captures the cafe’s cafe conversations before closing it forever and opening a new chapter in life. Éna and Dževad own the buffets at the bus station at the entrance to one of the major Eastern European steel mills. From the observation technique of recorded “talk talks” the last week of the buffets before the closing, the new utopia of ex-socialist laborers emerges, to conquer Germany, the only remaining paradise on earth.


A: Zev Asher (Canada)

P: Box Trot Films, 1997

Zev Asher was during 1994-95. he visited Croatia twice as a musician, traveling around the country documenting and interviewing the artists he met. These interviews became the basis for his first documentary film – in which he talked with various artists, designers, musicians, directors …. The video sees independent artists, who create in the context of society in war and is an extraordinarily important scene document. Thank you for your efforts and cooperation with the Institute for Contemporary Art.

20.8. (tuesday)

18:00 FILM WORKSHOP The basics of the film, the second day

19:00 LECTURE – News from GMV

The traditional presentation of the news from the Vinkovci City Museum is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the first hand with always interesting discoveries and projects that the team from the Museum conducts. The news comes first hand from the director Hrvoje Vulić, dipl.arh.


A: Darko Puharić (Croatia)

Q: D-studio design, 2019

Vinkovačka premiere of Darko Puharić’s documentary-screened film by Prof.Alexander Durman’s script – showing the earliest exact date from prehistory, read from the pottery pots of the Vučedol culture, found at the locality of Vučedol. The vessel shows the exact date of Venus and Mars entering the constellation of Pleiades in 2886 BC, and because of that event in the sky, sacrificed seven women and one man (Mars, Venus and Six Pleiades). The whole sacrifice of sacrifice as well as the events in heaven are clearly shown in the film through the animation and the play scene. The film is screened and awarded at numerous festivals in Croatia and abroad.


Should we especially represent this homo universal of the 21st century? Director, Performer, DJ, Actress, Doctor of Science, Screenwriter, Chess, Passionate Pub Quiz, and more, and above all – a primal shadow on whose lucid dossiers no one will remain indifferent!

Do not miss his first performance in Vinkovci, in the role of the author and director of the music-movie quiz. Sign up before the start, the teams are 2-4 members, the number of teams is not limited. No registration, come in good company and win!