Special DORF 2019 award for lifetime achievements we give to Slobodan Šijan, serbian film director, writer and visual artist. He made many experimental films and videos, but also directed some of the most popular Serbian narrative feature films and wrote a number of books about film and visual culture. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Belgrade voted his film Who’s Singing Over There (1980) for the Best Film made in former Yugoslavia in half a century. Other important features includes Strangler vs. Strangler (1984), How I Was Systematically Destroyed by Idiots(1983), The Marathon Family (1982).

Since 2001, he is teaching at Loyola Marymount University Film School. He is author and editor of several volumes, among others Vertigo, Cinematographic Poems (1998), Women Film Directors in South Eastern Europe (2009) and Conversations around Film (2010). His work in the domain of visual art investigates the phenomenon of film, moving images, photographic registration and reproduction of reality.
His works are so important for our festival and our generation – our parties and lives wouldn’t be so fun and interesting if there wasn’t his movies.