As an DORF 2019 introduction and warm-up party night, we have 3 things in our beloved venue on 17.8. (Saturday) – at Lapidarij City museum Vinkovci, let’s spend some time together:

20:30 SCREENING „MY WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN“ (Petra Seliskar, Slovenia, 2016)


We present proudly great music documentary based on the work of Slovenian artist Frane Milčinski Ježek. Today, his satirical poems and songs from the 1950s and 60s sound more urgent and topical than ever, and are covered by musicians ranging from Finnish avant-garde accordion player Kimmo Pohjonen, to legendary Croatian songstress Josipa Lisac, to the former Bad Seed Hugo Race. The music is produced by the indie rock icon Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts), and expertly mixed with archive footage of Ježek’s own performances and skits, creating a touching and thought-provoking narrative.
You’ll get the chance to get your copy of extraordinary soundtrack LP (PDV records, 2019),
22:00 ONE-MAN SHOW Franto Frantic Something completely frantic!

Performing One-Man-F!-Circus show in any place (circus festivals, theaters, clubs, stand-up venues). “Something completely Frantic!” is here to shake your laughter and make you a better person!
“Something completely Frantic!” is circus one-man-circus show where one actor playing 28 characters in 28 connected numbers! Chameleon-like transformations from minute to minute taking the audience members to fabulous magician, mime artists, acrobat, clown, flea trainer, special barber, cave man and many big stars like Elvis Presley, Sylvester Stallone and S.Dali! All that in a special interaction with an audience, using mostly visual language without many words!
Show for all generations – “once you see it and whole your life remember it and talk about it”!
This professional clown-show started it’s creation in Barcelona, at Noveau Clown Institute, supervised by “king of fools” himself – Jango Edwards!