The program is based on a combination of educational workshops for film students in higher grades of primary schools, as well as the presentation of new publications and literature as well as lectures and contents suitable for this age. Animation workshop usually lasts for two days, three hours each and is members of the platform with rich experience lead the students. Participants of film workshop will film their progress and also learn how to direct, film and edit their material. Short film produced on the workshop can be used as additional educational material as well as for promotion of the project on the internet.

The project is implemented from 2014 with the financial support from Zaklada ‘Kultura Nova’.

HOLDER 2014-2015 – Udruga ljubitelja filma RARE Vinkovci
HOLDER 2016 – Studio VANIMA Varazdin

PARTNERS 2014 – GOKUL Zabok, PUŽ Slavonski Brod, Udruga STRIPOS Osijek, Studio VANIMA Varaždin, Udruga KINOFON Zagreb

PARTNERS 2015 – GOKUL Zabok, PUŽ Slavonski Brod, Video klub MURSA Osijek, Studio VANIMA Varaždin, UO ANIMA Zagreb, Savez udruga F.U.N.K Koprivnica, Ivanina kuća bajke Ogulin, Udruga EKS Hrvatska Kostajnica

PARTNERS 2016 – Udruga ljubitelja filma RARE Vinkovci, GOKUL Zabok, PUŽ Slavonski Brod, Video klub MURSA Osijek, Studio VANIMA Varaždin, UO ANIMA Zagreb, Udruga MAMUZE Koprivnica, Ivanina kuća bajke Ogulin, JU Art kino Croatia Rijeka, ŠAF Čakovec, POU Samobor
DURATION – 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2016


The focus of the project is to create a platform and exchange program for 11 organizations from 11 cities and 11 counties.
In addition to film and animation workshops, we organize screenings of educational films for primary school pupils, exhibition and promotion of comic books, promotion of professional literature, as well as several side events..

Our activities can be grouped into three categories:
a) Project management (meetings and networking – presentation in other areas)
b) Education (workshop documentary film / screenings of animated films, comics and illustration exhibitions, lectures and promotions of professional literature)
c) Promotion (promotional brochure for every year, media promotion, online promotion)
OBJECTIVE: To educate children and young people about the media culture, and most of the film, and through intensive and dynamic animation workshops and basic film skills, in cooperation with other organizations, schools, institutions.
Long-term goals of the project include: promotion of the media culture, development, increasement in the frequency and quality of the independent cultural scene in Vinkovci, Zabok, Osijek, Koprivnica, Varazdin, Slavonski Brod, Ogulin, Čakovec Samobor, Zagreb and Rijeka.
All works created on EDIT Comics workshops look at our Youtube channel.