Fans of music documentaries in Zagreb, thanks to the cooperation with the Mesnička Cultural Center, will have the opportunity to watch DORF films in the first half of the year, in a weekly rhythm, with conversations with guests. Films that have received DORF awards in the past 13 years, the best films from the regional selection but also the most interesting titles from the cult selection The Secret History of Rock have been selected for screening, with free admission. After the screenings, talks about the films were organized, and an accompanying OFF DORF program was prepared. The start is from 19:00.

In the first cycle, 4 screenings were organized, the first of which is scheduled for January 20, 2019. years. They have the honor to open the program with 3 short films from the Vinkovci scene, to which DORF belongs with every little bit of it. “Hip hop in Vinkovci” was created in 2014 at a film workshop within the Film it LouD project, led by Dario Juričan and Igor Jelinović. It is the only film document of the Vinkovci hip hop scene. “Satan Panonski” is the only film made during the life of the cult punk from Vinkovci, made during his performance in Belgrade in 1990, an impressive document of the performer in full force. The film was a graduation thesis for the author Milorad Milinković. “Where are we?” Follows the departure of the great Septica by train to a concert in Zagreb, a fun and witty road movie that will intrigue you to discover something more about this ingenious line-up, led by Dubravko Mataković.

After that, 27.01. we see the winner of this year’s award for best regional film, a great story by Tina Šimurina “Passengers” (Maneuver, 2018) – the exciting life of Margareta Vidmar and Dražen Pavalić (aka Esox Lucius Ido), who were part of the Zagreb punk scene in the 80s. She was 15 and he was 21. Families resist their relationship and it ends and their life paths diverge. 25 years later they meet again, their love continues, and Dražen joins the work on her art project Putnici. This is how life-size sculptures of people and animals are created, which visit museums, clubs, private homes, come into contact with people, “live”, change … At the same time, we watch Roger Sommerset’s Norwegian film “Kike Turmix”, which is 2009 won the jury with his story about the cult Basque punk rocker, singer and promoter, Kike Turmix, who played with his band Pleasure Fuckers in Croatia and Slovenia.

In the third term, 02.02. we are watching the second directorial work of the great editor Vladimir Gojun “Times of great depression” (Nukleus film, 2018) – in which he presents the musician Adam Semijalac, better known as Bebe na vole. Is it a boy who has been cursed with an eternal curse, or an unemployed and uninspired artist who struggles unsuccessfully with his own demons? Hiding in the darkened corners of smoky clubs, he confesses to the lens and at the same time lowers mantra thoughts about endless sadness and loneliness, and the insecurities he shares with dignity with the world.

We conclude the first set on 11.02. when we watch films made in DORF workshops. The first film is “Three Colors of the Revolution”, made in 2008 under the direction of Silvije Mirošničenko – an omnibus with stories about the painter from Vinkovci Marko Šošić and the compositions Overflow and Punčka. The second film is another omnibus “Crossovers”, created in collaboration with students from Croatia and Serbia at a workshop on the project of the same name DORF and Palić Film Festival, 2011 in Subotica with the help of music film veteran Ulija M. Schuppel (concert director Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (“The Road to God Knows Where” from 1990) and David Kleijwegt (documentary “Low – You May Need a Murderer”). In the film, we meet Mick Harvey, Damo Suzuki, Jaki Liebezeit (with Burnt Friedman) and the bands Jarboli and Bilk.

The author of the design is the award-winning young author Martin Peranović from Otok.





“WE ARE THAT”, 35 ‘+ guest


“PASSENGERS”, 47 ‘+ guests






“CROSSOVERS”, 50 ‘+ guest